"Some of the most important work I can imagine..."

Craig J. Hazen, PhD

Lenny Esposito and his team at Come Reason Ministries are doing some of the most important work I can imagine for the Kingdom: giving reasons to believe. They have been so faithful to the Scriptural commands to "be prepared always to give an answer" and God has blessed them with access to large crowds of Christians who are hungry for a deeper faith and a solid foundation in the truth of the Gospel.

I have ministered with them on several occasions and can confirm that they are doing the Lord's work in a unique way and are making a tremendous impact. Churches and individual believers everywhere need to support cutting-edge work like this. I am certain that financial support of Come Reason Ministries will result in moving the ball forward for the Lord in a dramatic way.

Craig J. Hazen, PhD

Director of the Master of Arts program of Christian Apologetics, Biola University

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