The Beauty of Eternity: God's Love and God's Justice

Reason & Rhythm Apologetics Conference

The Beauty of Eternity: God's Love and God's Justice

The Reason & Rhythm Conference is a dual-focus event which includes equipping students in gaining a firmer understanding of their Christian faith (the “reason”), and also a powerful time of worship and afterglow as a response (the “rhythm”). The ultimate vision is to create a space for young Christians to be profoundly impacted by their faith in Christ, formed into the image of Christ, and who will be able to successfully and faithfully proclaim Christ in their communities and contexts. We want to champion the fact that Christianity is a viable, compelling, logical and beautiful faith for the next generation and beyond.

Date: August 19
Time: 10:00:00 AM

Location: Reliance Church
Address:  29825 Santiago Rd.
Temecula, CA 92592

Type of event: One Day Conference

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Francis J. Beckwith, PhD:

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