About Come Reason

Perhaps more than ever, our culture is waging an all out assault on Christianity. The rejection of truth and resulting collapse of moral values are quickly eroding the foundation of Christian principles on which our nation was founded. In this chaotic and sometimes hostile environment, Christians are being bombarded with difficult questions about their beliefs, and many are struggling to hold onto their faith.

Come Reason Ministries was created to help provide the answers to those tough biblical, ethical and philosophical questions. Through our web site and other media, we aim to engage non-believers with the truth of the Gospel - and to equip today's Christian so they can confidently and convincingly defend their faith.

Come Reason Seeks to . . .

  • Reduce misunderstanding of biblical texts and historic Christian beliefs.
  • Answer skeptics and those critical of Christianity.
  • Equip the church by helping Christians think more clearly and accurately about their faith.
  • Show Christianity is a consistent world view by examining its non-contradictory nature.
  • Show Christianity is the most intellectually satisfying answer to life's problems.

Apologetics Online

Come Reason Ministries' primary avenue of outreach continues to be a strong Internet presence. At our site you will find a fully functional search engine making it easy to access hundreds of articles on apologetics, logic, theology, science, ethics and morality and culture. Or listen in on discussions of today's most thought-provoking issues via streaming audio.

Dare to Defend Seminars

Come Reason's increasingly popular Dare to Defend seminars bring together some of the best minds in Christian apologetics for an intense training in defending your faith. Notable speakers have included Dr. J.P. Moreland, Dr. Francis Beckwith, Dr. Craig Hazen, and more. To find more information, go to the Dare to Defend Web site or check the events calendar. Lenny also teaches a monthly apologetics study dealing with questions on Bible difficulties, morality, ethics, and the Christian perspective on world events.

Lectures, Debates & More

Come Reason Ministries hosts numerous lectures and debates on issues such as the existence of God and the truth of Christianity. Lenny also teaches a monthly apologetics study dealing with questions on Bible difficulties, morality, ethics, and the Christian perspective on world events, and many of these events are captured

Many of Come Reason's past events have been recorded and are offered on CD-ROM audio or DVD. Our Tools section holds a list of all our audio and video lectures, as well as suggested books and other materials that will help you strengthen your belief.

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We'll Come to You

An apologetics series and one-day workshop are available to your congregation or youth group. Contact us at (866) 95-REASON for information about bringing these exciting faith-building tools to your church family.

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Intellectually challenging, yet accessible

Ron Wood:

"As a Pastor who is concerned that the congregation I serve is well-equipped, I was delighted with our Come Reason Apologetics Conference. Lenny Esposito led a conference that was intellectually challenging, yet accessible"
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