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Welcome to the Scholars' Vault. Here you'll find extended apologetics articles and entries that address various topics relating to our culture and our lives. All articles are formatted in Adobe PDF format for easy downloading, printing and reading.

"The Lost Tomb of Jesus and Ovaltine - Seeking the Connection"
by Lenny Esposito

A recent documentary on the Discovery Channel makes a big deal about a coffin being found with the name of Jesus on it.  does this mean that the Resurrection is false?  Read on to see why this is more hyperbole than documentary.

"Is There Such A Thing As Reasonable Faith?"
by Lenny Esposito

Lenny Esposito dispels the notion that reason can never be taken into account with matters of faith.

"Autonomy, Euthanasia, and the Holy Spirit"
by Stephen Soto de Mayor PA-C, B.Sc. MPAS

In this article, Stephen Soto de Mayor, Come Reason's bioethicist, examines the argument that people should be able to exercise their right to terminate their life if they wish. Does autonomy give a person the right to end his or her life if they are suffering? Read on for the answer.

"Bioethics, God, and Moral Evolution"
by Stephen Soto de Mayor PA-C, B.Sc. MPAS

Just how did humanity develop morality? Many say it evolved with the species, and that belief affects the ethics of our modern medicine. In this article, we dispel those myths and point out the dangerous ramifications of such beliefs.

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