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Lenny Esposito

Do you sometimes struggle finding the right speaker for you group or event? Would you like to make your next gathering both fun and relevant? Would you like to strengthen the faith of your group or congregation while training them to better share their faith with those around them?

In today's world, people are looking for answers. Even our students want answers to the questions they hear from friends or teachers. Why not provide an engaging speaker who will build confidence in their faith while teaching them to confidently respond to others about the hope we have in Christ?

As an author, debater, and apologist, Lenny brings a wealth of knowledge on a wide variety of issues facing believers today. With a light and easy to understand approach, he is the perfect speaker for any group or gathering—from 15 to 1500!

"Lenny Esposito and his team at Come Reason Ministries are doing some of the most important work I can imagine for the Kingdom: giving reasons to believe. They have been so faithful to the Scriptural commands and God has blessed them with access to large crowds of Christians who are hungry for a deeper faith and a solid foundation in the truth of the Gospel. I have ministered with them on several occasions and can confirm that they are doing the Lord's work in a unique way and are making a tremendous impact."

Craig J. Hazen, PhD
Director, Master of Arts program
Christian Apologetics
Biola University

Conferences, Retreats, Student Groups & More!

Lenny has spoken for groups and conferences of many sizes, including conferences and retreats, men's or wonen's groups, youth groups and camps, and mid-week services. Getting started is easy! Simply call us here at Come Reason Ministries and ask how we can help provide you with a quality experience for your group. For information or to begin, call 866-95-REASON (866-957-3276) ext. 3. You may also send us an e-mail at speaking@comereason.org

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Intellectually challenging, yet accessible

Ron Wood:

"As a Pastor who is concerned that the congregation I serve is well-equipped, I was delighted with our Come Reason Apologetics Conference. Lenny Esposito led a conference that was intellectually challenging, yet accessible"
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