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Come Reason's audio classroom recordings cover a vast array of issues and topics for defending the faith. Add to that recordings from our Dare to Defend conferences that feature some of the best regarded apologetics experts in America and you will find almost anything you need to build your faith, answer your questions, and aid in sharing the hope of Christ with others.

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Come Reason Audio CDs Please choose from one of our categories below to see the various titles.


General Apologetics

Existence of God

Reliability of the Bible

Bible Difficulties

Cults and Comparative Religions

Creation and Evolution

Society and Culture


Logic/Critical Thinking/Philosophy

Dare To Defend Conference Riverside Audio

Dare to Defend Conference Grass Valley Audio

Dare To Defend Conference Chino Hills Audio

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Lenny Esposito is a voice of truth to this generation.

Sean McDowell, PhD:

"Lenny Esposito is a voice of truth to this generation. He has been equipping Christ followers and lovingly challenging skeptics for many years — both adults and especially students."
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